Harin Nepal co-organized the Save Nijgadh Campaign demanding Transparency & alternative site study of Proposed Nijgadh International Airport, construction of which would require the clearance of Nijgadh forest sprawling over 8,045 hectare of land, which is home to countless species, in Bara District of Province 2 and construction of which shall have adverse effects on the climate. The Campaign got bigger over the period of time as many CSos joined the force and eventually won over the Government of Nepal as the Supreme Court of Nepal gave its final verdict to seek an alternative site for the construction of Second international Airport on 26th May.

Outcome of SAVE NIJGADH:

1. Attracted hundreds on the streets and also made national and international headlines.
2. Aided by formal and informal meetings with ministers, political leaders and government officials; joint ventures and public uproar.
3. Harin Nepal co-organized webinars, panel discussions and debates with the aim of educating the public about the geography around Nijgadh; current state and lacking studies of the proposed airport; and its impact and consequences. We also launched a social media campaign for over 50 days with a similar motive that garnered a fair amount of supporters.