Paryawarad Andolan (Climate Strike) is a series of climate protests where students and community people were mobilized in streets and public spaces demonstrating clear message in creative ways to demand urgent Climate Action. Climate Strikes were held for about a year in the pre-covid period, following which was shifted to Digital Strikes during the pandemic.

The major Demands are:

1. Maintain high quality and interactive maps to trace the risk of water induced disaster risk.
2. Introduce flood and landslide insurance and make it compulsory.
3. Identify the disaster prone zones and relocate high risk area settlements accordingly.
4. Prohibit development in high risk and rich biodiversity areas.
5. Accelerate the Clean energy Transition & Protect Himalayas
6. Advance the current environment course in Nepal.
7. Inclusive and Gender Responsive Climate Policy.
8. Oxygen Is My Birth Right: Guarantee a right to breathe.