The Climate Discourse is Youth Focused intersectional Climate educational talk where Climate vulnerability and its solutions are discussed through a multidisciplinary approach. The first phase of this project was completed during Covid Period where 713 people participated . The second Phase was initiated in April, 2022 and shall last till September,2022 . The discourse aims to decentralize Climate Movement and Climate education.

The Politics of Climate Change: This session dealt with the interlinkage of Politics and climate change. It focused on how a just climate policy is the matter of Political will and explains the roles of Intergovernmental panels, central government and Local government to achieve climate justice. This session was held in Dhangadhi, Kailali on July 1st, 2022.
Environment conservation & Indigenous rights: This discourse dealt with IImpact of National conservation & environmental laws on indigenous sovereignty, Impact of Climate change on Indigenous livelihood & Role of Indigenous knowledge in Climate change mitigation & adaptation. The session was held in Kathmandu.